Looking for an excavation expert in the Dandenong area? King Cons Earthworks are the local choice for skilled and reliable excavation and earthmoving. With over thirty years experience in every aspect of excavation, King Cons Earthworks Dandenong are committed to providing a high quality, cost effective service to their customers.

It’s no secret that Dandenong is changing rapidly and real estate experts are tipping it to be one of Melbourne’s most important hubs in the coming years. With their local area knowledge and highly skilled operators, King Cons Earthworks are well placed to help you with your excavation project, whatever stage it may be at.  Design and consulting, architectural landscaping, excavation, earthmoving, and plumbing are all part of the professional service offered by King Cons Earthworks Dandenong. Other services include excavator hire, tipper hire, retaining walls and retention systems. Of course, thirty years of experience and industry knowledge are also included!

King Cons Earthworks Dandenong believe that reputation is everything and are always striving to exceed their customers’ expectations. They recognize that time and cost are two of their customer’s top priorities and work with the latest technology and equipment to ensure your project is completed on time and to the highest of standards.